In our years of experiences, these are the questions we come across most frequently.  By no means is this an exhaustive list, so please call or e-mail us if you have a question you don't see listed here.  We are happy to share with our customers the expertise that comes from over 5000 successfully installed mitigation systems.  Let us answer your mitigation questions for you.

Frequently Asked Questions: Radon Mitigation

What is radon mitigation?

A radon mitigation system is a fan and piping system that prevents radon gas from entering the home by trapping it at its source (beneath the home) and diverting it to the outdoors. For a home with a basement or a slab foundation, the concrete slab serves as the barrier and PVC piping is inserted into the slab. In a home with a crawlspace, a network of perforated drain pipe is installed and a sealed plastic barrier traps the radon gas beneath it. In either case, the system PVC piping is then either routed to the exterior or up into an attic. Exterior mounted fans are vented at the roofline using either PVC or downspout/gutter material; attic mounted fans exhaust through the roof similar to a bathroom vent fan. Radon mitigation fans are designed to be continuously running.

Are radon mitigation systems unattractive?

While a mitigation system can be unattractive-looking, it does not have to be. The cosmetic appeal of any radon mitigation system depends upon the installer’s attention to detail, skill level, knowledge of the subject, and pride in workmanship. The EPA recommends that a radon mitigation system be installed by a certified radon mitigation contractor, since they have been trained to properly and correctly install these systems. However, simply because a mitigator is certified does not mean that he/she will exhibit the same level of attention to detail, skill level, and pride in their work as we do. Our mitigation systems use only the finest quality materials, installed in a professional manner to look as cosmetically and aesthetically pleasing as possible, and we work with the homeowner to ensure that the system is both functional and attractive. In situations that demand aesthetics, we offer a cosmetically pleasing box-style fan. Our systems are installed in accordance with all published guidelines for radon mitigation system installations.

What types of mitigation fans are available?

We use two styles of fans: a round-body, in-line style model and a cosmetically appealing box model. In-line fans, such as the RadonAway GP/RP series, can be used in both interior and exterior applications. There are a variety of models in each series, allowing for a wide range of system applications. Our expertise and experience help us select the right fan for a particular installation. Box-style fans, such as the RadonAway SF180, offer a cosmetically appealing upgrade when system aesthetics are important to a client. Box fans sit flush to the siding and look similar to other exterior appliances, making them far less noticeable in high-traffic areas. Almost fans installed by RTL come with a five year manufacturer’s warranty and all new installations and fan replacements are eligible for the RTL Lifetime Mitigation Fan Warranty Program. See our Resources tab for more information on our testing and mitigation service programs.

What happens if the radon system does not reduce the radon to acceptable levels?

Unlike some other mitigators, if the radon level does not fall below 4.0 pCi/L, we do not shrug our shoulders, say we’ve done all we can, and walk away from the job. We return to determine why the level has not been reduced adequately and take steps to correct it. There is no extra charge, unless extensive additions or modifications need to be done.

Are there any additional benefits to an RTL-installed radon mitigation system?

Yes. All of our installations include a continuous radon monitor test (a $125 value) using a FemtoTech model 510LP monitor to ensure that the radon level has come down to acceptable values. If the radon levels are still above acceptable levels, we return to make changes and/or additions to the system to further lower the radon level. Our expertise and experience in diagnosing and trouble-shooting difficult installations is what separates us from our competition. Our installation experts are the best in the business. We take great pride in the fact that we leave your house in the same condition that we found it, only safer and healthier. Finally, all new installations and fan replacements are eligible for the RTL Lifetime Mitigation Fan Warranty Program. See our Resources tab for more information on our testing and mitigation service programs.

My home has a mitigation system. What else do I need to know?

A mitigation system is a network of PVC piping attached to a fan. As long as the fan is still running and the system piping is intact, you can be relatively sure the radon mitigation system is still working as intended. The fan or fan pressure gauge should be periodically check to ensure the fan is still running; this should be done every two to three months. The EPA also recommends re-testing every two years to confirm the system is operating properly and radon levels remain at safe levels. Contact us to see if your system is eligible for the RTL Lifetime Mitigation Fan Warranty Program. If not, we can still add your to our Radon Testing Service Program. See our Resources tab for more information on our testing and mitigation service programs.