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We have a complete range of radon mitigation solutions for residential and commercial properties.

We have been certified to perform radon remediation for over 25 years.  This unmatched experience allows us to provide you with a variety of options regarding where and how to install your radon mitigation system.

Visit our Mitigation Gallery to see more sample mitigation system installation photos.

GP/RP Model Fan Interior Installation

The GP/RP series fans are round, in-line style models.

When construction of the house allows, the system piping can be run through the interior of the home. The fan can be mounted in an attic or knee wall, and the fan exhausts through a hole in the roof. This type of installation is the most aesthetically pleasing, because only the pipe in the roof is visible from the exterior.

RP265 model fan, mounted in an attic
GP/RP Model Fan Exterior Installation

The GP/RP series fans are round, in-line style models.

When the construction of the home does not easily allow for an interior installation, the system fan can be mounted in a variety of locations on the exterior of the home. The fan exhausts above the roof eave level.  Since this type of installation is visible from the exterior, we make every effort to place the fan in a location where it will not be easily seen or noticed, and we include color-matched exhausts with all installations.


The SF180 model fan is a more cosmetically-appealing, box-style fan, and resembles a utility panel box.

When exterior aesthetics and curb appeal are very important, the SF180 is a great option.  It mounts flush to the house and its box design is very inconspicuous, even in high-traffic areas.  Our ability to match 30 different colors with our system exhausts make this a very aesthetically-pleasing installation.

SF180 Model Fan Exterior Installation

The GP500, like the SF180, is a box-style fan.

The GP500 model fan is capable of maintaining a higher suction than other models, making it ideal for applications which require a powerful fan motor to move air, such as concrete slab buildings with little or no gravel bed beneath the slab.

GP500 Model Fan Exterior Installation
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