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We have a complete range of radon testing solutions for residential and commercial properties.

We have a complete range of radon testing solutions.  We perform short-term radon testing using FemtoTech Continuous Radon Monitors, we have testing kits for both short- and long-term testing options, and we can also test the water in your home for elevated levels of radon.



Continuous Radon Monitors

Short Term Test

Continuous Radon Monitors (CRMs) offer informative and fast results, and are extremely accurate when maintained and calibrated properly.  They remain in the testing location for as little as 48 hours, and results are obtained the same day.  Because they provide such a quick and accurate option, CRMs are often used to determine radon levels in real estate transactions. 


CRMs measure detected radon levels for each hour of the testing period, allowing for tracking of variation in the data.  In addition to measuring the radon level every hour, CRMs record temperature, pressure and humidity.  These built-in, tamper-evident features help to ensure that proper testing conditions are maintained throughout the testing period. 

Charcoal Canisters

Short Term Test

Charcoal canisters are the most cost-effective way of determining radon levels.  Our charcoal canisters remain in place for between 3 and 6 days.  They are easy to use, can be shipped or mailed, and do not require their own electrical power, so they are a very convenient and economical method of testing a home or office for radon.


Although they are a simple solution for determining radon levels, they are not as precise as continuous radon monitors.  Charcoal cans are biased toward the last 12-24 hours of exposure.  Their accuracy can also be decreased by swings in temperature and humidity and by irregular airflow.

Alpha-Track Testing Kits

Long Term Test


Alpha-track test kits offer an additional low-cost, simple-to-use option for measuring radon levels.  Alpha tracks remain in place for at least 90 days. 

Because they are left in place for longer than canisters, alpha-tracks are less affected by weather extremes.  It is no longer necessary to maintain closed housed conditions and occupants are free to use their home as they normally would (closed house conditions includes requirements such as doors being used only for normal entry and exit, windows remaining closed, HVAC operating between 64-78, etc.)*.  Because of their longer exposure time, alpha-tracks provide a much more meaningful measurement of your average radon exposure.  This long term average is what determines your health risk from radon**.  Although testing with an alpha-track kits is not usually feasible in a real estate transaction, it can be a great testing option for many homeowners.


*See our Resources tab for a more complete explanation of testing conditions


**See our Resources tab for information on health risks associated with Radon

Radon in Water Testing Kits

It is not always necessary to measure a home's water for levels of radon.  However, when there are elevated levels of radon in the air and the home has a well for water, performing a radon in water test may provide more information.  The health risks associated with exposure to radon gas do not arise from ingesting water with high levels of radon, and the cases of stomach cancer from radon in water are considerably below cases are lung cancer attributed to elevated radon in the air.  High levels of radon in water do become a problem when they release radon gas into the air*.


We can perform a radon in water test for you in conjunction with a radon test, or we can send you a complete testing kit that allows you to conduct your own radon in water test.


*See our Resources tab for information on health risks associated with Radon

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