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During our many years as a certified mitigator, we have been asked on countless occasions to inspect work installed by a previous owner or a third party contractor.  We have compiled photos of some of those noteworthy attempts into the following gallery.  All of the following systems were installed by a certified radon mitigation company.  


In this basement installation, the installer's original suction point was ineffective and needed to be moved.  Carelessness was clearly shown with both the original suction point and the repair attempt.  Our mitigation team has the experience and skill needed to make sure your mitigation system is installed correctly the first time.


In this house, it became necessary to install the system suction point in living space.  While the layout of some homes does make this an unavoidable scenario, when it does happen we strive the make the system as attractive as possible.  A collar such as this can become necessary if an installer performs their work sloppily.  Our mitigation team takes great care and price in each and every installation.


This mitigation system was flagged by the home inspector and we were asked to assess.  RTL found the fan mounted in the crawl space below living area and the system was exhausting through the crawl space vent, directly beneath a window and next to the porch.  The system was installed to remove a health hazard and in the process created two others.  Keep you and your family safe by selecting the firm with the right knowledge and experience.


This photo shows the exterior fan and exhaust of a mitigation system.  RTL systems include aesthetically-pleasing exhausts.  Not only has this installer chosen to use PVC, an extremely unattractive material, the visible stickers make this a real eye-sore.  Protect your investment by making sure your mitigation system is attractive and blends into the home as much as possible


This photo compares two sample installations.  In each installation the system piping needed to be routed around existing structures.  The photo on top is an RTL installation and the bottom photo is by another company.  Our mitigation team makes sure to install system PVC piping paying attention to plumb and level.  Make sure your system doesn't detract from your home's value because of poor workmanship by the installer.


One of our homeowner-clients called to share this installation on the house next door and thank us for how good their own system looked compared to their neighbors'.  The builder wanted to use their preferred installer and our clients' Realtor pushed for us to perform the remediation.  Make sure you, your clients, or your family are satisfied with your installation and the aesthetics or your home--demand Radon Testing Labs every time!


This photo depicts the electrical connection of an installed system.  The fan is powered by a standard, plugged electrical cord that penetrates a wall.  This is an extremely dangerous and significant code violation.  We use only professional, certified, licensed, and insured electricians to supply power to fans we install.  Don't put your family or clients at risk by using a firm that cuts corners


This mitigation system was one of the more startling that we have been asked to inspect.  The installer paid no attention to the home's appearance and installed the fan 10 feet in the air when multiple options existed to place the fan in less conspicuous locations.  Even more troubling, the fan is exhausting right beneath a window, a significant code violation.  RTL's mitigation technicians have the knowledge and experience to follow all relevant protocols and codes while ensuring your mitigation system does not detract from your home's beauty.

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